• This Course will prepare you to:
    • Gain a conceptual understanding of the features, functions, and options of SAP MII 15.1, so that you can successfully design and implement MII applications In a company.
    • Use SAP MII 15.1 to connect the manufacturing shop floor system and the SAP ERP system.
    • Understand building Query Templates ,Business Logic transactions
    • Gain knowledge on Data services


  • Project team members
  • Developers



  • Basic knowledge of the manufacturing industry and shop floor data sources.
  • Intermediate knowledge of web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, CSS, XPath, Web Services, OData, JSON and OOP.
  • Intermediate knowledge of database query development.
  • Basic knowledge of SAP NetWeaver.
  • Basic knowledge of the SAP ERP system.


  • None

Course based on software release

  • SAP NetWeaver 7.50
  • SAP MII 15.1 SPS6
  • SAP PCo 15.1


  • SAP MII Introduction
    • SAP MII-Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence Overview
    • SAP MII Architecture
    • SAP MII Positioning
  • Data and Visualization Services: Introduction
    • SAP MII Workbench Overview
    • Exercise1:Create a Project and Folders
    • SAP MII Data Servers and Connectors
    • Introduction to Query templates
    • Introduction to Display Templates
    • Lumira and Hana
  • Data and Visualization Services: Additional
    • The SAP MII Time Engine
    • Scaling: Data Mapping ,SQL Queries and XML Queries
    • Introduction to the Grid and Color Context
    • The SPC Chart
  • Navigation and Personalization
    • Personalization: Customizing and Navigation
    • Customizing the Home Page Style(Optional)
  • Web Scripting
    • SAP UI5 Objects and Java Script
    • SAP MII Report Pages
    • Localization (Optional)
  • Business Logic Services: Introduction
    • Business Logic Terminology and Environment
    • Action Configuration and Linking
    • Properties, data types and the Xacute Query
  • Business Logic Services: Additional Features and Integration with SAP
    • XML Functions
    • Document Building
    • SAP Integration
    • Error Handling: Transaction calls and Reference documents (Optional)
  • SAP MII Manufacturing Data Objects
    • Manufacturing Data Objects

SCM380 - SAP Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence (SAP MII) – Fundamentals

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