• Implement IBP for Demand
  • Personalize your Fiori screen
  • Understand the configuration and data loads
  • Explain Lag
  • Create and Schedule Snapshot Key Figures
  • Execute a long term forecast
  • Execute Demand Sensing


  • Application Consultants and Support Consultants
  • Key Users
  • Project Manager




Course based on software release

  • SAP IBP – release 5.0.2


  • Introduction to IBP for Demand Ÿ -> Introduction to IBP for Demand Ÿ -> The Business Challenges Ÿ -> Definition of IBP for Demand Ÿ -> Definition of Demand Sensing Ÿ -> Overview of Fiori Ÿ -> How to Personalize your screen
  • Model Components
    • Overview of the SAP6 Planning Area Ÿ -> Key Figures including Demand Planning, Demand Sensing, Order Data, and other special Key Figures. Ÿ -> Master Data Types including Lag Ÿ -> Planning Levels Ÿ -> Planning Area Settings including Planning Operators and Change History Ÿ -> Prerequisites for Master Data Loads including Snapshot Key Figures and other Master Data Loads
  • Key Features and Components Ÿ -> Managing Mid to Long Term Forecasting Ÿ -> Managing Demand Sensing