• Overview of IBP for Inventory
  • How IBP for Inventory fits into the S&OP process
  • Required Attributes and Key figures
  • Master Data Setup
  • Executing IBP for Inventory


  • Application Consultants and Support Consultants
  • Key Users
  • Project Manager



  • SOP200


Course based on software release

  • SAP IBP – release 4 SP1 Patch 3


  • Business Planning Ÿ -> SAP IBP – Overview Ÿ -> Integrated Business Planning – the process
  • Integrated Business Planning for inventory Ÿ -> Drive S&OP decisions to inventory targets for the Planners Ÿ -> Visibility to check master data, determine root causes of inventory Ÿ -> Efficiently position inventory to best absorb variability in complex networks
  • Inventory model of the Demand Driven Supply Chain Ÿ -> Determine value of other improvements in forecast, supply, lead- time
    • “Base Case” economics for other Supply Chain projects Ÿ -> Important variability analytics for root cause analysis, reporting, and improvement
  • Configuration Ÿ -> Single Stage Inv>entory Optimization Ÿ -> Multi Stage Inventory Optimization. Ÿ -> Planning Area Configuration Ÿ -> Planning Area Configuration – Attributes and Master Data Types Ÿ -> Planning Area Configuration – Key figures and planning levels Ÿ -> Network Visualization Ÿ -> Closer Look into selected key features