• Handling of typical business processes in operational procurement and entry-side logistics for manufacturers and components suppliers based on the SAP for Automotive solution portfolio


  • Members of the automotive component supplier and manufacturer project team; for example, procurement specialists, material flow managers, planners, and IT personnel



  • IAU210SAP for Automotive: Processes in the Supplier Industry or
  • SCM500Business Processes in Procurement or
  • Equivalent basic knowledge of logistics


  • Basic knowledge of the supply and manufacturing industry, basic knowledge of KANBAN processing, and related practical experience

Course based on software release

  • ECC-EhP5 SP03


  • Overview of the relevant business processes
  • Operational procurement, particularly:
    • Scheduling agreement processing
    • Inbound deliveries
    • Packing logistics
    • Credit memo process for the automotive industry
  • Production supply, particularly:
    • JIT processing (summarized JIT calls)
    • KANBAN
    • Supply-to-production