• Acquire an overview of the Bank Analyzer Risk Management solution offering
  • Be able to implement, change and enhance the Bank Analyzer Risk Management
  • Be able to decide on different Bank Analyzer Risk Management set up options
  • Get knowledge of the process coverage: Risk Management processes with strong focus on Basel II coverage


  • Application Consultants – Data Consultants – Development Consultant
  • Business Analysts – Industry/Business Analyst Consultant – Data Manager
  • System Architects
  • Developers
  • Business Process Owner/Team Lead/Power User – Business User – End User – Super/Key/Power User – Solution Architect



  • FS250Bank Analyzer Overview
  • General knowledge of risk management processes in banking


  • none

Course based on software release

  • Bank Analyzer 8.0
  • Banking Services 8.0


  • Risk and Compliance Management
    • Understand Managing Risk
    • Explain the SDL – Purpose and Main Functions
    • Use the Primary Objects of the SDL
    • Explain the purpose and main functions of the RDL
    • Explain the Interplay between SDL Primary Master Data Objects for R Management
    • Use SDL Generic Market Data
    • Use SDL Positions Master Data
    • Use SDL Positions
    • Implement the Data Bridge to SDL
    • Explain the Risk Management Business Content
  • The Credit Risk Analyzer
    • Explain the important concepts and terms for Risk Management
    • The Basel Accords
    • Distinguish Approaches for Credit Risk Under Basel II
    • Explain the Credit Risk Exposure Calculation Process
    • Provide a business example of the Credit Risk Exposure Calculation
    • Analyze the Credit Risk processing
    • Explain the Credit Risk Processes Execution
  • The Credit Risk Analyzer: Operational View
    • Explain the most important CRA customizing entities
    • Use the Module Editor
    • Set Data selection and enrichment up (Level 0)
    • Set up the general calculation and valuation methods
    • Customize the Calculation Process (Level 1)
    • Set up the Calculation Process (Level 2)
    • Explain the fast Track Basel II for Revolving Retail Solution
    • Set the fast Track Basel II for Revolving Retail process up
    • Stress Testing for Credit Risk Solution
    • Explain Stress Testing
    • Explain the standard stress testing process
    • Perform Overall Settings for Stress Testing
  • Historical Database (HDB)
    • Describe the Historical Database: Purpose and Functions
    • Explain the Administration Functions of the Historical Database
  • Operational Risk Management by SAP GRC
    • Name the Operational Risk Solutions
    • Describe the Operational Risk Functions
  • Using the Limit Manager
    • Explain the Limit Manager Concept
    • Explain the Limit Manager Functions
    • Explain the Reporting of the Limit Manager
    • Use Limit Manager Customizing Entities